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Using a natural stone tiles for the bathroom has been popular nowadays, people with extra saving usually choose to use this kind of material for their bathroom tiles. The reason why they choose natural stone are because they will make the bathroom looks more natural, it is also less slippery if you compare with ceramic bathroom tiles, and the natural stone will add more aesthetic value for the bathroom itself. However, using a natural stone requires extra cares from the owner in order to keeps the beauty which the natural stones created.

Maintaining your bathroom tiles are crucial, it doesn’t matter whether you use a ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. Natural stone are porous, normal ceramic bathroom tiles cleaners may damage and make the stone looks dull. It is important to dust your bathroom before mopping it, so that the dirt and the dust won’t scratch the surface of the stone. After you finish dusting it then you may use a cleaner but make sure that you use a neutral cleaner, it mustn’t contain acid and bleach, even a vinegar and water can damage the tiles.

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Remember to use a cleaner that is specifically made for natural stone because these cleaner are concentrated with neutral pH which will not harm the coating of the tiles. When you apply the cleaner make sure you follow the instructions in order to get a perfect result. You may use sponge, soft bristle sponge or synthetic mop; make sure that they are soft.

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Once you finish cleaning it, make sure that it is dry before you wax the floor. It is suggested for you to apply wax or polish for the tiles periodically to enhance the exquisiteness and the gloss. Do not use the wax liquid too much as it is possible to make floors become slippery. Once you finish cleaning it make sure that no one uses the bathroom for at least half an hour in order to make the wax absorbed completely.

In addition, it is suggested to keep the bathroom tiles dry; after a person uses the bathroom make sure that the floors is being moped and there is no water puddle, as it may removes the coating of the floor. It may sound that there is a lot of work to keep your natural stone tiles looks great, but every hard work will results a great satisfaction.

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