Bedroom Forts “Fun and Romance”

This time our discussion bit different that before. We will not “make up” the bedroom and we are going to have fun with bedroom forts instead.

Bedroom forts are mainly for children, even sometimes we do it for adults. Bedroom forts for adults usually also called “Love Fort” and for me, I call it A Romantic Messy Fort” and some others call it blanket Fort. Whatever the name you like, it is about making a “fort” for bed or simply that we will sleep on a bed under blankets construction. This is the reason why people call it blanket fort.

Bedroom forts is an instant and usually for one night use only. We can create the fort, in fact and to have more fun, in other areas like the kitchen or even in the dining room.

To create a bedroom fort, we need some blankets, pillows, chairs or sofa, comforters or sleeping bag, sofa cushions and other necessary things like safety pins, clothespins, rope or rubber bands, umbrella, etc.

After gathering all the above, now it is the time to start it. Express your inspiration on it. Spread the blankets or the bed sheets over the furniture you have prepared as an anchor. We can use sofa or chairs for the anchor. Then put a removable hook on the ceiling and hook the sheet or blanket as tall as you desired. Or else, you can use another support like a tripod or other things that can be used to raise the blanket.

Once you made the roof, put extra blankets or bed sheets to cover some extra gaps so that the roof is covered properly. It is not necessary to cover all the gaps as you may need them for “door” or “windows”. No fort without main gate. We can create a tunnel or use a pillow to make a fort entrance. Do you enjoy it so far? Let us finalize the “project”.

The main “fort” is done and now we are going to have more fun by “decorating” the bedroom fort. We need more supplies like flashlights, LED lamps with different colors, Flame-less candles (never use a lit candle), dolls if any, and audio units like an iPod or other player docking station with speaker for your entertainment.

For the lighting, we can use it inside the fort or we can put it on the “roof”. It depends how you want the situation will be.