Common Mistakes When Choosing a Kitchen Sink

Even though designing your kitchen sink may seem trifling when you are designing the kitchen, most people don’t realize that it is one thing that people see when they go to the kitchen. Some people rather choose a sink that is simple because they are only going to be used when washing the dirty dishes. Despite that, there are some people who actually spend most of the time in choosing the sink when they are designing the kitchen, as they believe that it would affects the hygiene in the kitchen itself.

Kitchen Sink with marble surface

Personally, as a person that doesn’t really spend most of the time in the kitchen, I think that it is very crucial that we avoid the mistakes of the kitchen design, as most people are more focusing on the design rather than the utility of it. It is important that we really think about placement of the sink, the dimension of area in which we will need in order to wash the dishes comfortably, and the dimension of the sink that we require.

minimalist Kitchen Sink ideas

The first mistake that most people do is the placement. It is highly recommended to place the kitchen sink on the corner of the room. Why in the corner? Because it won’t disturb the traffic on the kitchen; and it will provides you with backward reaching space for utensils holder.

stainles stell Kitchen Sink material

The second mistake is the dimension of the sink that is required. Sometimes when people are choosing a unique sinks, they forget that they need a bigger sink as they often have a lot of dishes to wash because they love cooking. The width and the height of the sink are also vital as the water may splash to the floor and the wall, therefore consider the dimension properly in order to keep you from having too much work cleaning the kitchen.

off black Kitchen Sink concept

The last mistake that most people do is choosing the design of the sink that is too trendy but only for certain times, it is only sophisticated for a season and when the season has change they doesn’t look good as before. It is important to choose a design that timeless, so that it will looks great in the kitchen for a lifetime.

stylish Kitchen Sink model

Kitchen Sink with removable basin

the latest Kitchen Sink concept

Kitchen Sink with matching basin

Kitchen Sink for contemporary house