Designing the Girls Bedroom Ideas

Today’s girl bedrooms are varied as much as each girl’s personalities with styles, colors, and motifs which sometimes too complex to understand what their styles really are. It is no longer about bed with a curtain at top of it, pink decoration, or fancy furniture. It is also ranged from baby girl’s nurseries to young girl’s bedroom to preteen girl’s room to teen girl’s bedroom; at each stage the girl would want a different decoration for their bedroom.

When we are designing the girl bedroom we must never forget the functionality of it, sometimes the little girl want to have everything in pink, yet her bedroom is small and it is packed with a lot of stuff, imagine if she is trying to study or relax in the bedroom, she would be struggling to do any of them. In the study published by The Journal of Neuroscience, researchers uncovered that the more cluttered a space is, the less a person can concentrate.

Girls Bedroom Ideas with best wallpaper

Remember to add something that will reveal her personality or her interests. You can start by the wall, ask her what color does she like and then mix it with different color to balance the ambiance of the room; then put something on the wall, something that makes your daughter happy, a photo of her, or a poster of her favorite artist.

You must not forget to save some space for the storage! You can either have drawers, shelves or a box to be placed under her bed. Try to combine cute storage pieces to the girl bedroom, it will prevent the room from turning away into a messy heap of clothes, toys, etc. it sometimes makes the room looks like a thrift shop. Teach her to keep everything in its place, but you need to provide the place.

fresh Girls Bedroom Ideas concept

Every teenage girl has their own style, it cab feminine, chic, contemporary, sassy, etc. We cannot decide the style she must follow, it is simply her choice. The only thing that we are able to do is, to add some restriction; teenage girl sometimes do not know their restriction yet. A girls’ bedroom is like an asset for her future, as it may affect her personalities, traits and her attitudes.

Girls Bedroom Ideas with minimalist rugs

Girls Bedroom Ideas with princess style

stylish Girls Bedroom Ideas

simply Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedroom Ideas with tosca theme

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