Dining Room with Cozy Design

What’s your opinion and expectation about dining room? It should be luxury, wide, romantic or what else? If in my opinion, dining room should be comfortable and warm. Warm here not means that you need to put a fire place, but as you spend your time with your family you get relax, cozy and calm.

Everyone certainly knows that the dining room is classified as an important place in our homes. There is place for gathering with family, guest and our friend sometimes. Therefore, we need a perfect design for it. There is much concept available to design it, start from minimalist, contemporary, classic or unique style.

Dining room with chandelier

About the concept is a pure decision from you, according to your desire or taste. Do not forget that you need to adjust with the other room concept at your home. Make sure they have the same or appropriate concept.

We do not should focus on concept only, there are a lot of things need to consider, such as the selection and placement of furniture. That is the cornerstone of dining room decoration. The style of furniture is depending to the concept of dining room. The amount, size and furniture placement is depending to the family member and the space area you have.

Dining furniture for wide area

If you have slight family member and narrow space, here you need to place as minimal as possible furniture. Important in there is you have dining table and chairs. As you have less family member, choose a small table set (square table with four chairs). Another brilliant idea is combines the dining room and kitchen in one area, here you may design the table set similar to small bar.

Well, for the lucky one that has wide space area, you may design it with more or diverse furniture. Round table would be perfect to place at the middle area, round table will make familiarity more intertwined and will looks more elegant.

Have much equipment? A glass cabinet would be suitable for it, you may choose which has lighting inside to increase the beauty of your dining room. Do not forget to search the best chandelier design that suit to your dining room concept.

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