Selecting a Perfect Kitchen Sink

Discussing about kitchen, there are some equipment that does not be overlooked and it could be said that without them your kitchen will not be perfect. Kitchen sink is the most important thing to be there. Even if you are living alone, does not cook or do baking activity, definitely you need a kitchen sink, I think dozens of times a day.

Things to Consider while Selecting Kitchen Sink

Decide through the Function

Everyone would be know about the function of kitchen sink. But what the most you will do there? Did you have a large family? If you are a single person and almost use it for washing hand or one to two plates only (less cooking activity), you may use kitchen sink with 50/50 bowl model. Actually there are varied kitchen sink bowl with standard size, start from single, 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30 bowl size. Some manufactures will let you to decide another size as per your requirement.

Not only the bowl size, here you need to consider about the width and depth of it. About the width you should consider with the cabinet, and need to make sure that the width is perfect and reachable for you. Everyone want a depth sink, because they think will not cause a splash. The fact, over depth kitchen sink will creating big problem, you will stoop while washing dishes and eventually you will have a problem on your back. You need to make sure that the depth is still made you stand upright.


Kitchen Sink Material

This is the important factor that need to consider. Stainless steel is the most popular material at all, because the price is affordable, durable, easy to clean and comes with varied design and shape. It comes with 18 gauge or 16 gauge, the lower gauge number has stronger material.

The second material is copper, It highly desirable material because naturally occurring antimicrobial particle. This material suitable for natural and rustic style kitchen. The problem is copper quite expensive material and almost of them need special treatment if it has not been treated to prevent corrosion.

Porcelain or enamel over cast-iron is much suitable for you who want a unique design and colors. This material is most durable, strongest, heavy, resist staining and chipping.

The Actual Cost

About the cost, it’s depend to the model you choose. For a well-made kitchen sink, it will cost you around $200 to $350, that’s depend to the manufacturer, model and quality. Multi-bowl kitchen sink start from $250 and the price vary based on the depth.