Living Room “The Perfect Ideas”

House would not be complete without the presence of living room. That’s the main part of house, which became a place to welcome guests, gathered with friends and family. Living room gives a first impression to people who visit our homes. For sure, there we need a perfect decoration.

The Perfect Living Room Ideas

To get a perfect decorating idea, we need to do proper calculation and several review. Here we would like to give some tips, to do a proper decorating for our living room, such as:

Look around your living, calculate the space area you have. It will affect the type, quantity and the placement of furniture.

Living room with wall shelves

Choose the perfect concept for your living room. You may do browsing, regarding the latest design of it. There you need to adjust with the other room’s concept, make sure they are incorporated in the same or matching concept.

Once you know the exact space you have and determine which concept will you apply, you may determine furniture or equipment which you want to place there. We need to give the boundary between the main and secondary furniture. Main furniture here such as sofa, table set and end table (optional), those all should available at your living room, regardless of the size you owned. If you have fairly spacious area, you may also place TV unit, wall shelves, or maybe an ottoman. Do not make your living room look busy, by placing much equipment. Keep it cozy and looks spacious. Make sure that the equipments in accordance with the theme of your place.

Living room with comfortable sofa

After you finished shopping, next is decide the placement of your equipment. Here we will come to the first point, “the space you have”. If you have fairly narrow space, you have to concentrate on the center of your living room, keep it freely to create spacious looks. Place the equipment such as sofa set at the corner area.

Make it more attractive. First you can use beautiful wallpaper, which has suitable color and motif with the concept. For narrow area, you may choose wallpaper that has bright color and small motif. You may use wallpaper in one side of the wall (at the backside of sofa), and use matching plain color at the remaining part.

Second is choosing best lighting for your living room. For you who had a spacious area, it will be deemed less if you just put a chandelier at the center area. You may also use down light, to obtain adequate lighting and increase the beauty of your living room.

Living room with wooden floor

the perfect lighting for Living room

black and white Living room colros

soft color Living room idea

off white Living room theme

spacious Living room design

most comfortable Living room

contemporary Living room concept