The Perfect Outdoor Furniture for Your Home

Sometimes we feel bored to spend time and do monotone activities inside our house, we need a fresh atmosphere and beautiful scenery to refresh our minds. Some people prefer to go to park, restaurant, without thinking of the beauty around their house.

If you have an outdoor area such as pool, garden or patio, it would be perfect to spend a little time on the sidelines during a solid activity. That area wouldn’t be perfect without appropriate outdoor furniture.

unique outdoor furniture concept

Almost people feel confused and take a wrong decisions in choosing outdoor furniture. To get a perfect outdoor furniture, we should consider several things, as mentioned bellow:

minimalist outdoor furniture ideas

The Suitable Material

As we know that indoor and outdoor furniture have different material, for outdoor area you need to choose material which are resistant to sun exposure and rain (waterproof), select the material that is not affected by moisture. PE Plastic Rattan, wicker synthetic resin, poly cane, those are popular synthetic material that is mostly used and has a fairly cheap price.

outdoor furniture with PE Plastic rattan material

However, there are much people who do not agree to use synthetic materials, because it look less elegant and not luxury. If you are one of them or the lovers of wood, these types of woods are suitable for you.

Cypress wood is a softwood material that protected from bugs, decay and insects, because it’s covered by cypress oil. Cypress wood resistant to the weather changes, water and can last for four to five years in your garden.

cypress outdoor furniture

Mahogany is the second material, it seems like teak hardwood material. It’s durable material that can stand in all the weather changes. Mahogany never gets decay, shrinks or perforated. It comes with wide variation colors.

classical outdoor furniture concept

Have you listen about cedar wood? This is light softwood material and able to producing natural oil that protects itself from rot and insect. During the time, the color would be turns to silver grey, if you want to back the original color, you may use sunscreen semi transparent finish and only one time coating.

cedar outdoor furniture

Increase Its Beauty

To enhance the beauty of outdoor furniture, we need to choose appropriate theme, design and colors which are suitable with our house. Actually it would be great to have a matching indoor and outdoor furniture concept.

best daybed outdoor furniture

Place the matching accessories and equipment will beautify the outdoor area. A shade (umbrella) would be suitable to be placed there, add some flower pots with several size variation, which will provide its own freshness and make it more lively.outdoor furniture with best shade

Consider the Placement

Almost of outdoor furniture are placed in the middle area, but if you have limited space, it would be great to equip the bottom edge. Keep it spacious, do not make it look crowded.

synthetic outdoor furniture material

outdoor furniture with matching cushions

innovative outdoor furniture design

outdoor furniture with fresh cover colors

outdoor furniture for wide area

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