Staircase Railing The Types and Usage

Terraced house has become a trend today, it can provide more space and increase the beauty of your home. Everyone vying to create best stairs designs. Discussing about stairs, it couldn’t be apart from staircase railing. Staircase railing would give much advantages for you, such as safety for the occupant and increase the beauty of your stairs.

best iron staircase railing idea

Things to Consider before Installing Staircase Railing

Observe the Area

First of all you need to observe the area you have. If you have open area stairs (means no wall on both sides), you may install the handrail on both side of it. But if you have limited space or your stairs between the wall, than you may use wall staircase railing (it’s look minimalist, modern and low cost).

wall staircase railing concept

Decide the Concept

Sometimes we get confused to decide the best staircase railing concept because of the many options available. Before deciding the concept, you need to look around the room, make the handrail style appropriate with you room. If you have modern or minimalist home, you may use staircase railing that comes with simple motif (only with line or plain glass). Here the best staircase railing for contemporary, modern or minimalist home (as the picture bellow).

awesome staircase railing ideas

Have you check about rustic staircase railing? That’s one of most famous concept of the year. The design has its own characteristics and story. This concept much suitable for you who want to bring a natural look.

rustic staircase railing ideas

The Material

Of course everyone would like to choose best quality, which is durable, stylish and safe. Staircase railing comes with varied material, such as glass, metal, wood and iron. Wooden material has popularity in the middle of last century, now people prefer for oak, beech, mahogany (almost for handrail only). The hottest material nowadays is iron, the most simple, durable and cheap material. Actually about the material you may consider with the concept, budget and your needs.

minimalist staircase railing design

The important things you should take attention is balustrade. If you have a kids bellow 5 years old, you need to give extra safety by installing balustrade which consists of vertical supports and handrails (balusters).

black and white staircase railing theme

glass staircase railing material

staircase railing for classic home

staircase railing for minimalist home

staircase railing with branch motif

unique staircase railing motif

wood mix with iron staircase railing