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The Cozy Kitchen Design

Kitchen is one of most important place for women, where they do daily or routine activities, but almost of them assumed that it’s a “boring activity”. So, we need to think about a cozy kitchen design, which make us feel relax, comfort and enjoy to spend our time in there. The most important thing is we need to maintain the cleanliness of this room, keep it healthy and fresh.

Things to Consider

To obtain a cozy kitchen design, we need to consider several things, such as:

Room Ventilation

Ventilation is the most important part at this room, don’t let your area stuffy. You may place a small to medium size of window (depend to the size of your room), placed it near the stove. If you have enclosed spaces, you may place a smokestack above your stove, for removing the smoke or hot air left the room.

minimalist Kitchen Design

The Perfect Concept

You may find out the latest and most stylish concept of kitchen design, through internet, magazine or television. You need to consider between the concept and space area that you have. Choose the concept that suit to your other room and of course, select the best and most convenient kitchen design.

Appropriate Furniture

Furniture plays an important role in room decorating, the appearance depend to the furniture you placed. To create a cozy kitchen design, you should not choose a busy concept or put too much equipment there. Adjust the space you have and the amount of furniture you want to place. Do not forget to check the quality of them.

off white Kitchen Design

Portable Kitchen Island would be suitable for you who have narrow space area. That can be assembled when you need, you may fold it when not necessary (not take much space while store it). Almost of them designed with wheels, so it’s easy to move.

Another idea for narrow space is combine the kitchen and dining area. You may juggle your kitchen island to minimalist bar or dining table, equipped it with four to six chairs. You may design your room in smartest way.

Insufficient Lighting

Make sure that you have insufficient lighting in there. It is related to the window and lighting that you placed there. Beautify the island with chandelier, and you may give extra lighting by adding down-lights at the corner area or at the top of cabinet.

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Kitchen Design with best lighting

Kitchen Design with wooden floor

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spacious Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design with bar concept