The Perfect Daybed for Kids

If you have a small space for your kid bedroom, it is a very good idea to switch the bed with a daybed for kids. The daybed functions more than just a place to sleep, but it can be a comfy area for the kids to play or study during the day. The kids love to hang out with their friends in a sofa, but most of them would like to have some privacy so that they can talk about anything they want to talk.

Many of you would probably debate this suggestion as you may think that it would be unsafe for the children to sleep on because it has one side with no guards on and it may cause your kids to fall onto the floor. A solution for this problem would be a portable bed guard; you can put it on when the kids are going to sleep and you can open it when they are awake.

Daybed for Kids another playground

You can always have some fun when choosing a daybed for kids, but first let’s talk about gender is it a boy or a girl? You wouldn’t want to buy a pink flowery daybed for the boy right? Next, picking a color and design; psychological studies had suggested that color selection can influence mood and behavior, stimulate the brain and body and even affect’s one health. Therefore, you should be careful when picking a color of daybed for kids; you should also consider it with the wall color of the kids’ room.

Boys Daybed for Kids

After you have choose the daybed, then ask your kids to help you decorate it to makes it look fun or pretty. You can add some dolls, a snuggle pillow, and if the girls want to feel like a princess, add a curtain on top of it; it can also prevent your kids from getting bit by bugs and mosquitoes.

Princess Daybed for Kids

To make the daybed multi-functional, you may add drawers underneath it so that the kids can store their toys or their books there. You may also add a shelf next to it for them to study; therefore you don’t to spend more money to buy a desk.

light purple Daybed for Kids

minimalist Daybed for Kids

Daybed for Kids with colorful cushions

Daybed for Kids with unique lighting

contemporary Daybed for Kids

awesome Daybed for Kids

Daybed for Kids with fresh theme color