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Varied Types of Leather Sofa

Leather sofa is often said as the highest-quality piece of furniture available. Different types of the material may have its own characteristics. It is important for you to choose carefully because you don’t want a fake leather sofa to place in your house and there is guest who actually realizes that the material is just a replica and tells you, it will be very embarrassing for you. You would also want your leather sofa to last long as it is believed that a leather sofa will get better with age.

First type is the Bonded; it is the cheaper types of leather, but actually it is hardly may be called as a genuine, it only has about 17% of leather in it. This is a usually used by the manufacturers as the first line attack, called the “great deal.”

The second type is the Bicast (also known for PU), this type of leather is better than the first one. However, it is almost similar to bonded type, as the layer of it is very thin and it is completely sealed on top with a layer of polyurethane.

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The next type is Split Leather; a split is the lower layer underneath the top-grain (the top layer that maintains the actual surface of the cow’s hide where the pores and hair follicles used to be).

A split is a hundred percent genuine material yet, it doesn’t have all the characteristics of top-grain, therefore some processes is needed in order to make it looks the same as top-grain. However, the process may affect in the softness of the surface, and the natural variations in color may differ.

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The last is Top-Grain Leather, this is the best kind of material that you can have for the sofa; it is the smoothest and the most natural material. Top-grain is divided into two, aniline and semi-aniline. Aniline is the most natural and it doesn’t contain any coating or treatment that is used as a protective, which is why you are required to be more careful with it. While, the semi-aniline is coated in protective coat and treatment.

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